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ClearSky Mobile Media Adds Two New Carriers to Growing List of Customers

Mobi PCS and CC Communications sign contracts with ClearSky Mobile Media for Managed Data and Entertainment Services

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile entertainment services, today announced new multi-year contracts with two different carriers to deploy its full suite of wireless content and data services. Mobi PCS, located in Hawaii and CC Communications of Nevada are the latest regional carriers to incorporate offerings from ClearSky Mobile Media into their subscriber packages.

The terms of both of the agreements include ClearSky Mobile Media’s complete, end-to-end solution suite that includes WAP Gateway services, hosted MMS-C servers, ProPortal, ProVantage, ProVision, ProTrends and RevShare. Additionally, both Mobi PCS and CC Communications will be using ClearSky’s product line to deliver a broad array of downloadable mobile entertainment content such as ringtones, games and images when the services launch.

Located on the island of Oahu, Mobi PCS was launched in January 2006 to bring revolutionary communication services to Hawaii in the form of unlimited wireless service. With its “all you can eat” offer, Mobi PCS features pre-paid flat rate plans with an optional data service plan or a pay-per-use plan that allows the consumer to purchase data as needed. In addition to taking advantage of ClearSky Mobile Media’s vast range of content already available, Mobi PCS has focused on their unique position as Hawaii’s only local wireless carrier to offer its subscribers content that focuses on local consumer lifestyles and interests.

“As a Hawaii-focused company, we look forward to working with ClearSky to offer wireless content that is customized for Hawaii consumers,” said Bill Jarvis, president and CEO of Mobi PCS. “In addition to the breadth and depth of content already being offered from ClearSky, their ability to easily incorporate third party content into their existing content distribution platform was critical to meet the needs of our content strategy.”

Back on the mainland, CC Communications is deeply rooted in the history of Churchill County, Nevada. In 1889 CC Communications acquired the local telegraph plant from Western Union to ensure the region would maintain state of the art communications services. Thereafter, CC Communications promptly transitioned to offering telephone service and later grew into a full service telecommunications provider by adding DSL, WiFi, IPTV, FTTH, and of course, cellular service. “Upgrading our cellular service to offer the latest features desired by customers is yet another way CC Communications is keeping with its tagline of ‘Home Grown, World Class,'” declares Robert Adams, CC Communications’ General Manager.

“Both of these new carriers signify the advancement that ClearSky Mobile Media is making in the marketplace,” said Dean Fresonke , CEO of ClearSky Mobile Media. “Our vast collection of content in addition to our ability to personalize our offerings for each regional carrier makes us the first choice for these carriers when they are choosing their data and content providers.”

About ClearSky Mobile Media

ClearSky Mobile Media is redefining how wireless data can be applied to the mobile media market in order to facilitate revenue growth, brand exposure and richer content. With its innovative, high-quality portfolio of mobile data and entertainment solutions for carriers and MVNOs, ClearSky Mobile Media is providing relevant, market-specific, mobile content solutions to the mobile media marketplace. Since 1995, ClearSky Mobile Media has pioneered mobile data offerings with its carrier-grade one-stop-shop that includes downloadable content, mobile web browsing, MMS services and managed data services across all wireless technologies. Today, ClearSky Mobile Media supports 60 million subscribers with content through its carrier customer base. To learn more about ClearSky Mobile Media, please visit

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