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ClearSky Brings Enhanced WAP and Messaging Services to Next Mobile in the Phillipines

WAP service and content management system are hosted at ClearSky’s data center in Orlando

Philippines-based Next Mobile, Inc., formerly Nextel Communications Philippines, Inc., is the latest wireless operator to take advantage of ClearSky Mobile Media’s expertise for hosting their advanced wireless data services.

In December, as the last step in its separation from its former parent, Nextel International, Next Mobile transferred its packet-data messaging and WAP Internet access service from a shared Nextel gateway facility in Mexico City to ClearSky’s data center in Orlando, Florida. ClearSky has implemented full redundancy of hardware and connectivity, independent on-site back-up power, biometrically controlled access, and 24×7 monitoring to produce unparalleled reliability.

ClearSky also acts as a content aggregator for mobile-aware content sites using ClearSky’s ProVantage WAP content management tool. ProVantage also lets customers set up and customize their own cellular phone “home decks.” Customers will also be able to send and receive e-mails from/to their handsets, forward their regular incoming e-mails to their mobile handsets, receive notification of incoming e-mails, and access email from their phones or desktops. This creates a unified mobile messaging and information system.

“After considering different options for bringing our customers the highest quality of WAP technology and content, and after having on-site verified their high level of redundancy and security, we selected ClearSky Mobile Media as our service provider,” said Next Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Henrik Nyqvist. “The implementation was smooth, and the transition to the new service was completed in a few days.”

“We enthusiastically welcome Next Mobile and its subscribers,” said Dean Fresonke , ClearSky CEO. “Next Mobile’s needs and our capabilities are a perfect match. As technology and content move ahead over the next few years, we are prepared to bring the most compelling and profitable services to Next Mobile, such as ringtones, wallpaper, games, and a variety of other business-oriented applications suited to the technology-savvy mobile users in the Philippines.”

About Next Mobile

Next Mobile, Inc. was formed in 2003 as the successor company to Nextel Communications Philippines, Inc. The company has been providing service in the Philippines since 1998, using Motorola’s iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) technology that incorporates packet data service. Today the company serves over 35,000 subscribers through a network of 140 base stations, and has a footprint covering Metro Manila, Central Luzon and Southern Luzon from Pampanga to Batangas, the main commercial areas of the country. Learn more at