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ClearSky Launches Branded Entertainment Division

ClearSky Mobile Media, the leader in mobile content syndication is positioned to lead the Mobile Media marketplace well into the 21st century with the introduction of its newest deployment “Mobile Branded Entertainment.” A true convergence of Madison Avenue and Hollywood! ClearSky’s Branded Entertainment Division specializes in developing cross-platform marketing initiatives with wireless devices that engage consumers in many different ways. Wireless opportunities brought to the forefront by ClearSky will be in a interactive environment not seen in the advertising and entertainment markets.

Through interactive media, ClearSky’s Branded Entertainment has been able to extend the branding experience and connect it to consumers on a personal and relevant level by lengthening the total engagement time. “In the past branded entertainment was with a Website, a banner, a interactive TV demo and even with a brochure. Now that the Mobile carriers have the speed and bandwidth in place and the handset manufactures are coming out with a large array of smart phones cable of doing lots of high tech things, the tie-in possibilities just got enormous”, says Gary German, Sr. Vice President of Branded Entertainment for ClearSky.

“We gauge each program from our billing and tracking software built into each program though our carrier partners. This creates a way to measure every program and this is tremendously exciting for our advertising partners, it creates great value”, said Dean Fresonke , CEO of ClearSky Mobile Media.

“ClearSky will be looking at measurements that gauge the total number of consumer touch points, and how much time they spend with each wireless media vehicle. We’re doing things with live events, Reality television shows, Feature Film releases, Web initiatives, consumer interactive programs, things that are cross-platform in nature, but the common thread is length of engagement, most companies we engage with will be connecting with consumers in many meaningful and relevant ways.” added Fresonke.

“Companies clear across the spectrum will leverage the value of the wireless content and wrap itself around the story projected to each consumer involved in every program,” said Katey Byrne, Sr. Vice President of Clear Channel Communications Advantage Program.

“A reach and frequency program will be implemented with each promotion. A multi-media program will be instituted allowing for broader visibility and awareness for each partner and allowing for successful interactive experience creating brand loyalty across the board, it’s a more targeted way of reaching consumers” added German.

ClearSky Branded Entertainment marketing programs will be intrusive and not offensive in any manner. Each program will have a broad popularity and will be targeted closely to a specific demographic group.

“Instead of comparing the value of wireless with other media channels ClearSky adds them to the mix of things. It can add a tremendous value to the fullness of each project that ClearSky implements. You have to apply each wireless program to existing standards in a language that clients can understand easily. ClearSky’s intentions won’t be to leapfrog traditional views about how media is planned and purchased, ClearSky tends to play to the client’s strengths and build from there,” added Fresonke.